Sliding Door Track Repair


YES! We can replace your sliding door rollers, but more often there are other issues

We not only replace the track when we replace rollers – we also;

  • tweak the frame to correct dents and pressure points
  • clean and lubricate seals and guides
  • adjust the door lock for optimal performance

In the past, a destroyed or worn out roller track meant removing the whole floor section of the door frame and retro-fitting a new piece in its place – if that model was still available from the factory. The job was expensive as it was a structurally difficult exercise to do. Track repair is a tricky (and onerous) job when you factor in full weatherproofing and performance. It costs a pretty penny to remove an old door frame and retrofit a completely new door set.

Not anymore! Presenting…

The Miracle Cover Track

(Australian Design # 356254)

Enter the Miracle Stainless Steel Replacement Cover Track.

Unlike the soft aluminium of your original door track, the Miracle Cover Track is roll-formed from exceptionally wear resistant 304 grade stainless steel. With seven different profiles available to correctly match the build and colour of any door on the market, the Miracle Cover Track will transform your existing sliding door into a totally new sliding experience.

Your new door will slide better with the new track than it ever could!

The Miracle Cover Track is also designed to handle a lifetime of use.

We are so confident with the performance of Miracle Cover Tracks that we will guarantee them for the life of your door.

Get your sliding door tracks repaired today.

P.S. We will not only fix your sliding door track, but we can fit and adjust rollers, tweak the door frame itself, clean and seal your sliding door with the right lubrication and do other (hitherto unforeseen) door adjustments and specialist tweaks.

A worn out, damaged, irreparable sliding door track once meant one of two things. You were either stuck with a door that was difficult to operate (if in fact it would work at all) – or you were faced with an expensive sliding door replacement bill.

Should I Replace My Old Sliding Door?

If you want to look at a brand spanking shiny new door then the answer is yes. But you are also saying yes to the huge replacement cost. Replacing a sliding door, even a small one, is an expensive job. We’re in the four figure or more world. Not only that, replacement comes with a whole host of potential new hassles and inconveniences.

  • Fixing and patching walls and plasterwork than may have been damaged during the replacement process.
  • Fitting a new door frame may require some structural work or reveal other problems previously unseen.
  • Sealing and setting up the door has to be done absolutely correctly.

If you are looking to repair your existing door and have it working as good or better than when it was brand new – and for a fraction of the cost of a new sliding door then call us. Revive can provide like new performance for hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

Licensed Suppliers & Installers

REVIVE Sliding Doors are licensed suppliers and installers of the Miracle Stainless Steel Replacement Cover Track system. We guarantee that when we have repaired your problematic sliding door, you will be able to shut it with one finger. If not, we will not charge you one cent – no matter how much time and effort we have put into the job.

New Tracks Installed for Under $300

For under $300 and in only a few hours, your annoying, sticking sliding door will be transformed into one that operates more smoothly and effortlessly than when it was new. Just because we replaced the tracks!

You really have nothing to lose. Call us or get in touch today.

sliding door track repair with miracle
Sliding door track repair using the Miracle Cover Track

miracle cover track will fix most sticky sliding doors
The problem may not be with your door rollers . . .

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