The Miracle Cover Track

A worn out, damaged, irreparable sliding door track used to mean one of two things. Either you were stuck with a door that was difficult to operate if in fact it would at all, or you were faced with an expensive repair bill to remove the old door frame and retrofit a completely new door set. This also came with all the hassles and inconvenience of patching plaster work and repainting  walls damaged in the replacement process.

The good news is that there is now a world class, affordable solution. Enter the Miracle Stainless Steel Replacement Cover Track Australian Design No. 356254.

Unlike the soft aluminium of the original track, the Miracle Cover Track is made from exceptionally wear resistant stainless steel. With seven different profiles available to correctly match the shape of any door roller on the market, the Miracle Cover Track will allow your existing sliding door to be transformed into a door that slides better than new with a track that is designed to handle a lifetime of use. We are so confident with the performance of the Miracle Cover Track that we will guarantee them for the life of your door.

REVIVE are licensed suppliers and installers of the Miracle Stainless Steel Replacement Cover Track system and we guarantee that when we have fixed your problem sliding door you will be able to easily open and shut it with one finger or we will not charge you one cent, no matter how much time and effort we have put into the job.

For under $300 and in only a few hours your annoying, hard to operate sliding door can be transformed into one that operates more smoothly and effortlessly than when it was brand new.

You really have nothing to lose.

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